Running FediFetcher from a Synology NAS

Intro I wrote about getting my dedicated Mastodon instance/server up and running (thanks Masto.Host) the other day, and one key tool I am using is FediFetcher to pull posts from folks I follow, threads I interact with, etc. I started by relying on GitHub Actions, but I’ve found that GitHub is throttling my pipeline runs (which is understandable as I’m not paying for it!). I exchanged some toots with the author of FediFetcher, and even he says he eventually migrated FediFetcher over to his infra.

Experimenting with a Single User Mastodon Instance -

Intro I’ve been using Mastodon maybe two weeks now, and I am liking what I’ve been seeing so far. Sure, the first few days were very quiet, but as I followed more users (and trimed as needed), and followed some hashtags, it started to become a useful service. I was on the instance. But, with Mastodon being a federated service, I wanted to run my own instance. Maybe to control my own data?

The first few days of using Hugo for my Website

Reasoning Introducing Hugo I’m late to the game, given Hugo has been around since 2016 ior so Theme: anake. This was the “default”, or the theme used in the getting started documentation. I may keep using it for a while, I havent’ really had time to look at other themes. It’s a simple, clean theme. So no real complaints, yet. Hugo configuration I made some basic configuration to the hugo configuration file hugo.

Wordpress Imported, Now we're getting somewhere...

Status of the migration I managed to import all the wordpress posts into this Hugo site. I deliberaly removed all comments. And images are still in original source. I need to do somehting about them. And I noticed many images are broken. So I think I need to go back and fix the old posts (probably remove referewnce to the images)… or not… I also got my domain pointing to the new site.

My First Hugo Post

What am I doing here? I’ve been wanting to resurrect my blog for some time. Up to now, it (an old incarnation) was hosted on a free site on the subdomain (which will go away soon). I found Hugo and decided to give it a try as I like the idea of simple, static websites for personal use. Let’s see how this goes!

Lazy Gardner Project - An Intro

I’ve been wanting to get back into the Arduino scene for some time. But, until now, it’s always been a battle between lack of time or just pure laziness. I decided enough was enough and decided on a project that would be both fun and useful - introducing the Lazy Gardener! You’ve probably seen many of these projects on the net. An arduino powered plant irrigation system. I decided to build my own but without any help from other guides.