Quick Update - Malacca and Blue Skies


Alright, kind of a pun title. I’m on a family trip to Malacca, Malaysia. Drove up on Sunday, will head home on THursday.

I’ll try to share another update on the trip later (maybe after the trip, and will share some photos I took, too). But as a quick headline, Malacca is full of colonial history and architecture, and fantastic food. My kind of place.

And while the weather (so far) is blessing us with blue skies, I also finally got an invite to BlueSky. You can find me at my handle “”. Yes, I know, it’s a bit confusing as my Mastodon handle is “”. So far, not much is happening on BlueSky. It will for sure take some time before it gets to the point of interest that Mastodon is at. If at all. Let’ see.

More later.