Grilled Beef Tenderloin on the Grill


Several neighbors and we decided to hold a bbq this weekend. I opted to provide the beef tenderloin (among other things) as I wanted to try cooking it on the grill.

I got inspiration from this post:

But, there were a fee things I did differently.

  1. I couldn’t find kitchen string in time. So I didn’t wrap the narrow end and tie. Instead, I used aluminum foil to keep it tightly together. I didn’t fold the end either.
  2. The grill we used isn’t a typical gas or coal grill with a lid. It’s an open coal grill. So I used aluminum foil and tightly wrapped the entire loin to keep the juices and steam sealed in
  3. I forgot to apply a layer of vegetable oil. Oops.
  4. I didn’t trim the silver skin or side muscle. I opted to leave it on. I was too lazy to cut the silver skin but in my experience, the tenderloin’s silver skin isn’t as tough as a strip loin’s silver skin.

A few hours prior to the grilling, I took it out of the fridge, seasoned it with salt and pepper. I wrapped in plastic wrap and left in room temperature until time for grilling.

I started with the sear I did roughly 4 sides at approximately a minute each. The heat was very high so I didn’t want to do any longer.

 (you can see I didn’t trim the silver skin off)

It was interesting to see the meat shrivel up a bit.

After the searing, I placed it in the tin foil, and left it off to the side. It took considerably longer to get the internal temperature of the thick portion to about 150 F or 66 C (the temperature I decided to target as I didn’t want it to be too rare inside)

After roughly 50 minutes, it hit the target temperature and I removed the loin from the heat but left it wrapped in the foil for approximately 10 minutes.

During this time, sure enough, the internal temperature continued to slowly rise, an important point to note.

Beautiful color, lots of juice. So far, so good.

During slicing, lots of juice continued to ooze out. But you can see the meat was still very moist. And a pretty good internal color.

The end result cut. Excellent color. The only thing is I would probably remove from the heat slightly earlier (5 minutes?) and let it rest a bit longer. I don’t think it needed the oil as recommended by the post I shared earlier, but I think this is because i used foil during the cooking process to keep the moisture in.