PHP Library for Receiving from/Transmitting to the USB IR Toy v2 Ready!


I am a fan of PHP. I am lazy, and I don’t really want to learn Python. Since the IR Toy is a critical component for my next Raspberry Pi project, (of which the code would be primarily written in PHP), I needed a PHP library to interface with the IR Toy.

I found a good, simple to use Python library to interface with the IR Toy by Chris LeBlanc called PyIrToy. I decided to port it to PHP. Thanks, Chris!

My library is unoriginally called “phpIRToy”.

I have open sourced my code under GPL v3. You can grab it from my bitbucket site (mercurial) at Right now it’s on version 1.0 (why not?)

In the repository, other than the License and Readme files, you’ll see 2 main files. In the “lib” folder, the library itself sits. In the “test” folder, I have an example on how to receive a button press from an IR device, and then right away send (transmit) that same button click.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think!