New Office


Our department moved back to the main campus of Siemens China today (after more than 4 years at an off-site building).  I quite like being here, even though we’re only in our current building temporarily (~6 months) while our permanent building is being renovated.  You could say we’re closer to the “action” (which makes sense as we’re a corporate department - most of the people we deal with are at this main compound). Below is a photo of my new office - this older building on the compound doesn’t follow the open-plan that many offices these day follow - instead, the space is divided into separate offices, where my boss has his own, and I share with a colleague.  I actually quite like this…

/07-31-08_1423_1.jpeg New Office - I’m on the left

Sadly, as a corporate department trying to save money, we won’t be able to enjoy the brand new tower, so we’ll be in the low rises next to the tower for the foreseeable future.  Below is a picture of the view out my window.  You can see (behind) the tower in the distance and the other low rises of the Siemens compound.

/07-31-08_1510.jpeg New Office - View from the window

And here’s a picture of the (front of the) tower I took last year when I visited it under construction.