Some people may accuse me of "flip-flopping"...


That may be true, at least when it comes to technology. I bought a Nokia N82. Oh, here we go…. What happened to the iPhone idea? Well, I’ll give you the short straight-to-the-point explanation so as to avoid boring you to death. First of all, signs aren’t pointing to a complete solution to unlocking the newer iPhones by this Friday. It may happen, but I don’t want to risk it. The last thing I want is to go to the U.S. this Friday (yay!), buy it, and then, just look at it for a month while I wait for the crack. Plus, it looks as Apple will be releasing a minor and major update to the iPhone in 2008. (yes yes, you can end up waiting an eternity for the “right” gadget") So, I pretty much nixed that idea over the weekend. I was pretty happy with my N95, really…. Especially with the latest firmware, it was pretty speedy. BUT, I couldn’t buy the same one. So I was looking at the N95 8GB model - more SDRAM, larger screen (but same resolution as Dutch Tom brought to my attention), better external key layout, and a cool black color. But, I would have to spend around RMB 5,000 for it. Do I really want to spend that kind of money? It is awfully bulky, too. Eureka! I remember a former sort-of colleague of mine, Michael, was looking at the yet-to-be-released Nokia N82 (this was back in November or October of this year).. He eventually settled with the iPhone (whcih kind of started the whole iPhone thing for me…) and couldn’t be happier, from what he has told me. Michael: feel free to leave a comment trashing the iPhone… I did quite of research yesterday on the N82, including comparing it with the N95 8GB. The essential comparison points for me are (in favor of N82):

  • Smaller screen size, but same resolution
  • Not as bulky
  • Same processor and SDRAM (whcih is a major improvement over original N95)
  • Same camera
  • BETTER flash - Xenon!
  • All the other bells and whistles, GPS, etc.

So, the N82 is essentially the N95 8GB, just repackaged as a candybar, and without the restrictive 8GB of memory (you can get 8GB microSDHC cards now, so this is a moot point). Best of all, the N82 is priced RMB 3,900 here in Beijing. As a tradition of mine, I went out during lunch today to buy it, you could say, on impulse. First Impressions

  1. Solid as a rock! The build quality is way way improved over previous N-Series devices. (Ok, it’s a candy bar, but, hey….)
  2. The smaller screen with the same resolution improves visual quality.
  3. The keys are small! I need time to get used to these…
  4. The flash is sweet!

Ok, that’s it for now. Will post some more info about it later…