Update on Noteburner


In response to my post from yesterday, after asking for a refund, I received an email from someone else at noteburner:

Hi Chris,

We are sorry that our support staff make a mistake.  The ID3 tag could be resevered with iTunes, please  click iTunes’ main menu “Edit->Preferences…” , select the “Advanced” Tab. In the “Burning” page, please also check the option “include CD Text”. then burn the playlist to noteburner and the ID3 tag could be resevered. However, there is no problem If you would like to refund anyway, please reply this email and we will refund your order. Sincerely, Thomas Yuan

Thank you, Thomas.  Very professional.  (No, I’m not being sarcastic).  I replied, asking for the refund.  An hour later, I receive an email from PayPal saying my payment has been refunded. I am glad this turned out the way it did.  The product works almost - just not the ID3 side of it.  So it’s unfortunately not for me.  Any other similar products? Note: as I was writing this post, Thomas replied to my thank you email suggesting I have a look at the website to see if any other product interests me.  A real salesman.  We’ll see.