Should I buy a car in Beijing?


Ever since I rented the SUV a few weeks ago, I have really wanted to buy a car. A few things are causing me to be a bit cautious, though. For one, I don’t exactly have enough money. Small detail. Another point, one that, if ignored, could cause some serious road rage - if you didn’t know, the traffic situation in Beijing is.. well.. bad. A million pigs dropped off in the middle of the city couldn’t improve the traffic situation. Any way… What kind of car. My parents want me to get a [Chevrolet Spark]( Um no. Yes, I know it is being built at the factory my dad will be working at (oh, I didn’t post about this, my parents have moved to China, I’ll post about that at some point in the next few years), but, no. The spark, actually, has been copied by a Chinese car company. This gets interesting, so read on. You see, [GM](, the owner of the [Chevrolet]( brand, also owns [Daewoo](, a Korean car company GM bought a few years ago. GM-Daewoo makes a car called the [Matiz]( Like most Automotive companies that own many many subsidiaries around the world, GM shares cars between brands and location. For example, the Chevrolet Spark (mentioned above), is a Chinese built copy of the Daewoo Matiz. That’s fine. Now, along comes a little Chinese car company called [Chery]( Note, if you don’t know already, the Chinese are good at copying. Any way, Chery, a relatively small-sized automobile company here in China. Now, Chery builds a small car called the [Chery QQ]( Have a look at the pictures of the QQ and of the Spark/Matiz. Similar, eh? Yeah, that’s what I thought.




The Chery QQ

The Chevrolet Spark

Note: I “copied” the QQ picture from Chery’s Website. I don’t think they will mind…. Chery is largely owned by the government of the city of Wuhan. That’s not important. What is important is, it is also invested in [SAIC]( (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. SAIC happens to be the largest automotive company in China. SAIC is also GM’s joint venture partner here in China. The JV, [Shanghai GM]( is 50% owned by SAIC and 50% owned by GM. Interesting, huh? A coincidence? Nah, I don’t think so. Now, let’s see… 2 + 2 = 4? Yep. There, I did the math. A copy with militious intent? Oh yes. As a result, GM is suing (and has been for quite some time) Chery, but, this is China. So… Math is difficult to do here. Any way, so, right. Buying a car. I am thinking about the [Buick HRV](, which is a re-branded [Daewoo Lacetti]( (hatchback version). We’ll see…