Parking Ticket - Problem Solved


Hey, do you remember the parking ticket I got back in March?

Well, I paid it. I went to pay it on Saturday with Melanie. She told me that a few people have told her that you could pay the fine at any bank. So, we went to the bank. They told us we couldn’t pay the fine at the bank unless we had the fine card - which is kind of like an electronic cash card - smart chip or something. The teller then told us to go to this police station (not too far away) that handles traffic issues for the district that I got the ticket in. (Every district of the city has their own local traffic bureau) DO, we go there, stand in line (thinking that it was nice that they are open on a Sunday…) and eventually get our turn. The officer took my ticket, license, and bike registration, typed a bit on the screen, said a few things… waited… waited… waited some more… He then told us the ticket was 5 RMB. !! !! !!


I was expecting a few hundred at least as I am several months late with paying it.

ASIDE: I didn’t pay my ticket back in March because I didn’t have a license.

Of course, I couldn’t pay the fine there, though. I got a slip of paper and had to bring it to the bank. EVERYTHING is handled by the banks in China!