Migrate Mastodon from Masto.Host to Another Host via Cloudron

Intro Wow, it’s been quite some time since I posted on my blog. Some stuff happened, and I’ll try to find time to write about it in the coming days. But right now, in the spirit of end-of-the-year cleaning (is that a thing?), I decided to spend some time to reduce some of my subscriptions. I won’t go into the details of the other services I’ve axed, but this post is focused on my personal Mastodon instance.

Quick Update - Malacca and Blue Skies

Alright, kind of a pun title. I’m on a family trip to Malacca, Malaysia. Drove up on Sunday, will head home on THursday. I’ll try to share another update on the trip later (maybe after the trip, and will share some photos I took, too). But as a quick headline, Malacca is full of colonial history and architecture, and fantastic food. My kind of place. And while the weather (so far) is blessing us with blue skies, I also finally got an invite to BlueSky.

Installing Bookwyrm on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server on a Synology NAS VM (Virtual Machine Manager)

Intro I keep telling myself I need to read more. I have a kindle with a long backlog of books I have yet to read. But like any serial procrastinator, I need the right tools to do something. And with my recent foray into the decentralized fediverse, I figured a Bookwyrm account would be good to have! But… why create an account on bookwyrm.social when I can run my own instance?

Using MacOS Shortcuts To Bulk Rename Photo Files as Part of a Photographer's Workflow

Intro - Moving away from Lightroom to Apple Photos What is this about? Well, I’d say I’m very much an amateur photographer and I have phases of months and months where I don’t touch my camera, and then I have a spirt where I like to take lots and lots of photos. And by taking photos, I don’t mean with my iPhone (because I constantly take photos with that); I mean with a “real” old school camera.

Moving GetMoarFediverse over to my own Infrastructure - Mastodon

Intro I wrote two days ago about moving FediFetcher over to my own infrastructure (away from GitHub Actions and over to my Synology NAS at home). Since it has been going well, I decided to do the same with GetMoarFediverse. (I’ll still rely on the remote FakeRelay service as detailed in this post, at least for the time being.) Set Up Getting this onto my Synology is actually pretty darn easy,